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Safe and affordable treatments for control of unwanted plants. All products applied are labeled safe for aquatic ecosystems. We are licensed and regulated by the Indiana State Chemist. Let us help restore your water’s value, beauty and usability.
Integrity, Professionalism and Expertise. We set the Standard in Lake Management.

ASAP is proud to be the largest aquatic services provider in central Indiana. Aquatics is all that we do. 100% of our time is devoted to meeting your needs. Our success grew from reliable, responsible and results producing endeavors.

Know us, trust us, love us. Peace of mind programs so you don’t have to worry. Our devoted applicators use custom equipment to always deliver services asap. Personnel, equipment, products and capital allow us to fulfill promises made.

ASAP has great pride in our knowledge, professionalism and quality of services. We are licensed and regulated by the Office of the Indiana State Chemist. ASAP Aquatics is fully insured and all products are labeled for aquatic use.

Emersed vegetation growth is primarily above water. Most are VERY aggressive, non–native and invasive. Left unchecked they can quickly take over .

Multiple treatments are often necessary for success. We offer programs and single applications for control. We can selectively target. Leave some or none.

Our control strategies are developed from experience. Product knowledge, application timing, and efficacy yield reliable, long term results.